New Contest: #pixlrcritters

tumblr_inline_n45x2iB8281rmon24 We’re delighted to be running another photo contest. People seem to really enjoy these, and we really, really enjoy seeing what people make. The grand prize is one of the cutest (and quite powerful) new cameras out there, the Samsung NX Mini. But we’re also giving away 4 daily prizes. As with our past contests, these daily prize winners get to choose from about a dozen neat prizes on our contest site. [Contest runs 4/17-4/22. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. OFFICIAL RULES HERE.] tumblr_inline_n45x37DbUw1rmon24 This time around, we want to see some super cute portraits of critters. What kind of critters? Bunnies, pets, stuffed animals, cute babies, selfies with bunny ears — anything or anyone cute or cuddly. Cuteness rules in this contest! Don’t have a cute critter handy? We’ve got some Easter stickers and effects in Pixlr Express that you can plop onto your photo. Throw some bunny ears on a selfie and give us your cutest look. Get creative and show us something inventively cute. tumblr_inline_n45x3l8f6f1rmon24 Entering is incredibly easy. Just tag your entry #pixlrcritters on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook. Check out the prizes available at pixlrcritters.com, and knock us out with some creativity. Contest runs 4/17-4/22. tumblr_inline_n45x4bpmZd1rmon24
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