User Spotlight: neverendinglist

tumblr_inline_n2lg02xVab1rmon24 Neil Wyn-Jones is both light-hearted and serious, a bit batty yet fully sincere. He writes a unique blog called neverendinglist. It’s based on a list of things he’s accomplished or wants to accomplish. tumblr_inline_mzd5qqNk9g1rmon24 Each post tackles something wildly different. As he says, “It’s far more than a bucket list. I’m not looking for things to do before I die. It’s a list of things to do because I’m alive, things that will write the story of life and may just change the course of it every now and then.” tumblr_inline_mzd5r6zBwD1rmon24 It’s quite an inspiring idea. Documenting things to do that are seriously worth doing — by yourself, with family, as part of a community. Instead of a blog full of thoughts and ramblings, it’s a blog that records wishes and accomplishments. Since kicking it off with list item #1 — start a blog — he’s gone on to give blood, make a cake, buy a cow, collect a million pennies, hold a world record, learn to unicycle, and a whole lot more. tumblr_inline_mzd5thVNAm1rmon24 We discovered his blog through his Instagram photos and wanted to share a few of our favorite of his photos in collage form. They’re super saturated, excellently composed, and full of life. Breathtaking landscapes with massive clouds, heavily vignetted shots of soccer games (#9, Own a Football Club), and shots of his very photogenic kids. His outlook on life is incredibly positive and has us thinking about what we’ll accomplish in this new year. tumblr_inline_mzd5p3zKke1rmon24 He hasn’t yet completed list item #16 — Win a photography competition — but we think it’s only a matter of time. He takes some outstanding pictures. He’s definitely someone worth following, so go check him out. tumblr_inline_mzd5pl2KMg1rmon24
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