User Spotlight: neverendinglist

Neil Wyn-Jones is both light-hearted and serious, a bit batty yet fully sincere. He writes a unique blog called neverendinglist. It’s based on a list of things he’s accomplished or wants to accomplish.
Each post tackles something wildly different. As he says, “It’s far more than a bucket list. I’m not looking for things to do before I die. It’s a list of things to do because I’m alive, things that will write the story of life and may just change the course of it every now and then.”
It’s quite an inspiring idea. Documenting things to do that are seriously worth doing — by yourself, with family, as part of a community. Instead of a blog full of thoughts and ramblings, it’s a blog that records wishes and accomplishments. Since kicking it off with list item #1 — start a blog — he’s gone on to give blood, make a cake, buy a cow, collect a million pennies, hold a world record, learn to unicycle, and a whole lot more.
We discovered his blog through his Instagram photos and wanted to share a few of our favorite of his photos in collage form. They’re super saturated, excellently composed, and full of life. Breathtaking landscapes with massive clouds, heavily vignetted shots of soccer games (#9, Own a Football Club), and shots of his very photogenic kids. His outlook on life is incredibly positive and has us thinking about what we’ll accomplish in this new year.
He hasn’t yet completed list item #16 — Win a photography competition — but we think it’s only a matter of time. He takes some outstanding pictures. He’s definitely someone worth following, so go check him out.