A Pixlr Affiliate Program

“Do you have an affiliate program?” It’s a question we’ve heard from time to time from publishers, bloggers, and web property owners who make online promotion part of their business. Until today, the answer was no. Starting right now, the answer is, “Yes. In fact, we do!”
The way it works is pretty straightforward. You refer people to our site, people download and purchase a membership, and you get a commission on the sale:

  • 25% commission on annual membership
  • 100% commission on monthly membership

For example… as an Autodesk affiliate, if someone you refer signs up for an annual Pixlr membership, you will earn a one-time payment equal to 25% of the selling price of one term of an annual membership. Similarly, should one of your referrals purchase a monthly membership to Pixlr, you will receive a one-time payment equal to 100% of the selling price of one term of monthly membership.
Ready to sign up? Start by filling out the Autodesk Publisher Application.