Our Next Photo Challenge: #pixlrspace

Some of the most astonishing edits we see from people who use our apps come from using various space effects. There’s just something so satisfying about a dark, silhouetted image with a big open sky peppered with swirling galaxies like this one by Steve York in the Pixlr on Flickr group:
Or a portrait that swaps out the background with twinkling stars like this one from @capernoited​ on Instagram:
This week, we want to see how you use space effects. They’re easy to make, but making a superb one takes a little practice. A few tips for making seriously out-of-this-world spaced out images:

  • Try the History Brush: The History Brush offers you the most control of any tool in Pixlr apps. You can slap a half-dozen different effects on an image and end up with a collage of craziness, but if you carefully add six different effects and control where each one shines through you can create a real work of art. Check out this History Brush tutorial if you’ve never used this tool. It will open up a whole new avenue for your edits.
  • Silhouettes amaze: Some of the absolute best space effect images are silhouettes, often landscapes with big open skies. Silhouettes are often a combination of dark areas and total blackness — a great environment for stars and galaxy effects to really shine. Check out the tutorial at the bottom of this post by long-time Pixlr favorite Aldrin Gersalia. He’s a master at these images and his tutorial can make you a master at it, too.
  • Multiple effects multiply stars: Sometimes doubling up on an effect or using two space effects makes for an even more vibrant galaxy in the background. But… consider using the Amount slider to control how  much of each effect you add. Subtlety matters.
  • Color your background: Your stars will sometimes look even more amazing if you apply color-based effects before adding your stars.

Tag your photo #pixlrspace, and we’ll find it on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Your photo can be a space silhouette if you like those — but any use of space effects will work for us. We’ll feature the best, with a reward of hand clapping, thumbs up, and thousands of Likes. You’ll be an interstellar celebrity!
Need help? Check out this video tutorial: