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Replaing a Color in Pixlr Editor

Want to learn more about how Pixlr Editor works? Pixlr Editor is pretty powerful, but it can be intimidating for people who want to trade up and learn more in-depth graphic design skills. Where do you start if you don’t know where to start?

New Stickers: Spills, Stains, Splatters & Splotches

Sticker fanatics rejoice! Today we’re releasing another pack of stickers for Pixlr Express users. This time around, we’ve added Marks. These splashy stain-y stickers include some creepy skulls, slashes, and smudges, but it’s not all gore and ooginess. You’re also getting some paint spills and coffee smudges — it’s a whole set of splatters and

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New for Pixlr Express: Gorgeous Illamasqua Expansion Pack

We’re extremely excited to announce the availability of a new Pixlr Express Expansion Pack. It’s created by the innovative designer Alex Box for Illamasqua Makeup. If you’re not familiar with Illamasqua, they are a cult British beauty brand dedicated to self-expression through make-up art. It’s make-up that goes way beyond the superficial to take a very unique and

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