Turn Your Photos into Art with New “Stylize” Effects in Pixlr Express for iOS 7

“How can I make my photo look like a drawing or a sketch?”
That’s a request we’ve heard more frequently over time. People look to Pixlr Express as a do-it-all app that includes all the photo editing tools they need to do the heavy lifting of photo editing, but they also want a steady stream of unique effects to help them get creative. We love to see people make their own small works of art directly from their smartphones, and today we’re thrilled to announce a whole new batch of effects to stoke your creativity: Stylize.
This set of effects can be found in the iOS 7 version of Pixlr Express under the “Adjustments” tab. You’ll discover about a dozen options for turning your photos into something that looks like it was done in a different medium or on a special type of material: pencil drawings, silkscreen prints, dappled dabs of color, polygonal constructions, rough sketches, halftone dots, posterizing, cross-hatching, watercolors, india ink, lithographs — a whole bunch of ways to add some non-photorealistic interestingness to portraits, landscapes, or anything else that needs some creative flair.
In addition, this update to Pixlr Express for iOS 7 increases the preview size for retina display devices, making the in-app experience much more vivid. And, if you rushed out to buy an iPhone 5S (or ordered one and are patiently waiting for it to show up), the new iSight camera and controls in the 5S — image stabilization, TrueTone flash, and a new sensor — will make every picture you take and edit in Pixlr Express that much more beautiful.
This release follows hot on the heels of last weeks’ big iOS 7 release that totally revamped Pixlr Express for iOS. If you’ve already started using the new collage tool or are ready to try out these new Stylize effects, we’d love to see what you’re making. Tag your photos with #pixlr on popular social media sites, and we may just weigh in with a like or a pic of our own for you.