Celebrate Joy with Pixlr’s Egg-cellent Easter Story Templates

Easter is just right around the corner, but it’s not too late to hop on (pun intended) the bunny wagon with these pastel Easter-themed social media templates!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s a joyful day beloved by all as it heralds the arrival of spring and new beginnings. Easter is also often associated with bunnies, eggs, chocolate, flowers and lots of pastel! 

Here, at Pixlr, we love Easter and the joy it brings. So here are some of our Easter-themed social media templates that can help illustrate your Easter story!  

Made for creators, by creators 

With Pixlr’s professionally created templates, you can easily frame your favorite Easter moments shared with loved ones and seamlessly post them on social media. Or, if you own a business page, you can easily use one of our Easter templates to showcase your spring collection and promote your sale. Just simply click on any of the templates below and open it on Pixlr X or E to customize instantly!

An Eggs-tra Special Greeting

On Easter Day, you can easily share a heartwarming Easter greeting on your Facebook or Instagram Story with these ready-to-use templates. Ranging from a pastel blue egg to a pink butterfly, each vector illustration is specially designed by Pixlr’s egg-cellent creative team.

Share Your Hoppy Moments

These templates come with special photo holders where you can place your favorite Easter photos, frame your special moments spent with loved ones. Whether it’s an Easter egg hunt or an egg-painting session, you can use these templates for any occasion.

You can even download the templates as GIFs or MP4s if you want to add a little animation to your usual static Stories. An animated Story is bound to capture your audience’s attention as they’re tapping through countless Stories on Instagram or Facebook.

Egg-citing Deals for Every Bunny

Everybunny loves a good Easter/Spring sale, and we love a sale that actually induces purchase and conversion. Hence, we make sure that our sale templates have attractive titles and clear CTAs (calls to action).

Egg-ceptional Sweets

It’s not really Easter until you start baking bunny cookies and munching on pastel cake. Whether you’re a bakery owner or just a fellow sweet tooth, these templates are for you to showcase your sugary creations, your latest dessert cravings.

Spread joy with Pixlr’s Easter templates!

Whether you’re spending Easter with your loved ones, or you’re promoting your business for Easter, our templates are for you! Feel free to customize/personalize these beautiful templates and share them with your friends.