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Design 5 Earth Day Quote Graphics For Your Instagram Stories 

In welcoming Earth Day 2022, let us celebrate by raising awareness on climate change and appreciating mother nature’s beauty using Pixlr’s latest designs!

What better time than now to explore our Earth Day quote graphics to transform your Instagram stories? Showcase your green spirit with style and customize your very own Earth Day design with Pixlr.


Help restore our planet one graphic at a time

In line with the recent news of NASA scientists urging people to lessen their carbon footprint to save the planet, being environmentally friendly has never become so crucial. Said scientists were imploring us to listen to climate experts and start persevering our planet’s beauty. 

Made with Pixlr.

After all, this very planet has provided everything for us – from infinite aesthetic landscapes, resources, and knowledge. Take a short time today to ponder on all that Earth has given to our lives, and let us celebrate our love for it. 


Want to convey this green spirit on your Instagram stories? Utilize Pixlr’s Earth Day quote graphics in getting your message across your followers. Let’s instil greater appreciation for nature with these inspiring quotes. 


See below for the stunning designs:

Made with Pixlr.
Made with Pixlr.
Made with Pixlr.
Made with Pixlr.

What are you waiting for? Choose your Pixlr template now and go green!


With these simple yet sophisticated designs, you will truly leave your audience in awe. Better yet, these templates are all free to use. Customize it to your heart’s content and be sure to post it on your Instagram story!

Spread the Earth Day Love with the world using Pixlr Templates, today


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