Everyday Bon Homme: Photo Sharing in Rural South Dakota

Everyone on the Internet has become accustomed to sharing photos around a hashtag. It’s a way to bring people together to browse photos around a theme. Doing that has a definite community feel to it. But we occasionally stumble across photo sharing that has a real-life-in-the-flesh community at its core. Such is the case with Everyday Bon Homme.
This photo blog features a new photo every day that comes from somewhere within the borders of Bon Homme County in rural South Dakota. As you might expect, this is a main-street USA community. You can see that from the photos that end up on the blog. Tractor for sale. A rodeo at the county fair. Sheets billowing on a clothesline next to a field. Apple pies cooling on a rack. All kinds of comforting, down-home, and just plain pretty imagery is shared on their blog.
The (anonymous) people behind the blog stopped by our Facebook page to say they’ve been using Pixlr apps to help populate their blog over the past three years. That led us down a rabbit hole of browsing tons of great small-town photographs on their site to see for ourselves. We collected a few along the way and made a collage as a way of saying thanks, Everyday Bon Homme, for the kind words. More important: Kudos to you for being the photo hub of your community. We look forward to following along with your photo blog even if we never find our way to your charming little county in South Dakota.