Give Thanks with 5 Different Types of Thanksgiving Templates

Celebrate this Thanksgiving with the most heart-warming templates yet!

In less than a week, another long-anticipated holiday of fall, Thanksgiving would arrive! If you are preparing for the occasion and would like to celebrate in style, Pixlr has got your back. 

Be it for Thanksgiving sales, digital greetings cards, or even a mere dinner announcement on your social media, we’ll be sure that the Thanksgiving template you used would be able to engage your audience this season. 


What makes a Thanksgiving template?

The very icon of Thanksgiving, is of course, turkey. Nothing represents this festivity better than families and loved ones dining at a table around a roasted, juicy turkey. 

As the holiday falls during autumn, it is safe to say maple leaves can also be one of the key identifiers of Thanksgiving. Notice that both elements of Thanksgiving contain warm shades of brown, orange, and hints of red. 

This is why utilizing warm fall colors has been our main art direction in providing you with the most enthralling Thanksgiving templates. In this selection, we strive to give you the most versatile and captivating designs this Thanksgiving – check out the 24 templates below!


Made for creators by creators

Instead of spending hours designing the most well-thought out template, simply click on the link below any of the following templates for a quick edit! Load it up on Pixlr X or E and customize them instantly. 


1. Thanksgiving greetings and quotes



2. Thanksgiving dinner invites



3. Thanksgiving events


4. Thanksgiving sales


5. Thanksgiving recipes


There you have it – the most creative selection of Thanksgiving templates you’ll need. 

Be it for any type of Thanksgiving event, rest assured that we have the best templates to convey the hard work you have put into it. One thing for sure, your target audience would not be disappointed with your social media game this Thanksgiving. 

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