Happy Holidaze! Make Hazy, Gauzy, Snowy Pics with Autodesk Pixlr

It’s that time of year again! Time to amp up your photos with some serious holiday spirit. Each year around this time, we design a few sets of special holiday effects for our very creative users. This time around, we’ve created sets of borders, overlays, and stickers that will put a seriously wintry cast to your snapshots.
The Icebaby Borders include a snowy border, but the other borders are illustrated with the flotsam and jetsam of the season: deer, presents, ornaments, etc. These will make your photos look like holiday cards if you want them to.
Our Frostlicious Overlays are seriously snowy and full of gleaming bokeh effects. These really put the daze in Holidaze. Use them in conjunction at varied levels of opacity to really build up a magical snow-globe-like effect.
The Snowkiss Stickers are beautifully designed and span many holiday moods. Everything from a winter bird to a hipster emblem to New Year’s wishes.
Tip: As always, the History Brush is a good friend if you’re interested in adding multiple layers of effects for an extra-rich look. Add a layer, paint out your subject, as we did to remove the border from these hands.
We’re hoping you get a lot of joy out of these effects packs. We’re also hoping you will show us what you make. We’ll be scouring Instagram and other online spaces for the hashtag #holidaze. We’ll share our favorites on Twitter, Instagram, and even some on this blog. Give us a follow on Instagram if you want to see our curation of the best of the season (and perhaps even your own pics).
So strap on your Santa hat and start making something special. As usual, you’ll find these effects packs in the web and mobile version of Autodesk Pixlr, but this year we have a new app in our collection, Pixlr Desktop. You’ll also find these effects in the desktop app, but you’ll see them a little differently. They are listed as separate packs in the regular Overlays, Borders, and Stickers tool tiles. Have fun!