“Pay It Forward” Bundle: Name Your Price

What if you could do an incredible amount of good in the world today (right now) and get an incredible reward in return?
We’ve partnered with Watsi to offer the Pay It Forward Bundle, a massive package of design goods and services brought together as an irresistible deal to help make a real difference in the lives of people who need medical procedures but can’t afford them. We’re proud to be offering a year of Pixlr Pro as one piece of this very impressive collection of goods and services packaged together for an unheard-of price: whatever you can afford to pay forward.
Who is helped?
All of the design-minded organizations participating in this promotion are partnering with Watsi, a San Francisco-based organization that connects people who need operations with everyday people who can help fund their procedures. 100% of the money Watsi collects goes directly to their healthcare, so you can be certain you’ll be helping real people get important, life-affirming help. You can read about many of the real people being helped right here.
How it works 
You pick a price that makes sense. What is this massive package of goods and services worth to you? How much can you afford to pitch in and help? Pay that price, and you’ll receive all of the amazing things offered. The benefit to you is massive and easy to understand. You get $4,500+ worth of goods and services, including a year of Pixlr Pro, a year of SketchBook Pro, and a wealth of graphics, stock photos, templates, fonts, and designs from talented Creative Market sellers. The benefit to the people you’ll be helping is practically priceless.
Please visit the site, pay it forward, and share the deal with friends, family, and strangers. Let us know if you are as proud as we are to be part of this deal. Shout out to us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram and let us know that you #paiditforward.
A special shout-out to Mehmet Tugcu, the creator of our recent Cosmic Geometry pack of overlays, borders, and stickers in Pixlr apps. Mehmet is one of the many Creative Market sellers offering up his digital design goods as part of this bundle. Nicely done, Mehmet!
Need help getting set up? We show you exactly how to get set up with your Pixlr Pro membership, whether you’re an existing Pixlr user or completely new to Autodesk apps.