Instagram Artist Spotlight: @laperlarota

Instagram artist @laperlarota stays consistent with her theme and subject of botanical florals all throughout her feed. She clearly has some photography skills. These onion-skin lovely flowers are very well lit. Selections shown here were most likely shot on a light table (or something similar). Images over a black backdrop (not shown here), look to be lit specifically with an effect known in photography as “rim lighting.” Other darker images seem to be a reverse of the image in editing much like using the negative (back when film was the go-to medium).
@laperlarota’s approach in botanical poses draws your eye in to the particular anatomy of the floral construction. The light-table style specifically draws the vision in to the thin, organic layers of the petals, highlighting the veins, muscle and sinew of each subject. Some were shot fresh and innocent in their delicate state, while some are shot postmortem with a lesser opaque visual — but it’s interesting no matter the age or state of these organics.
pixlr-IG-Artist_ laperlarota