Instagram Artist Spotlight: @_gio71_

An iPhone-only Instagram artist, the slightly mysterious @_gio71_ is based out of Italy. Minimalistic, entertaining images are nearly as silent as his profile information. Gio regularly shares a number of wonderful shots of his awesome dog “Bro,” but his work stands out best when he composes mist-themed iphoneography sets. Editing minimally, he appears to possibly be masking off solid sections and then stretching the backdrop and adding additional texture overlays. The overall effect adds tons of drama to already interestingly composed images.
While there are a lot of apps for masking, blurring, blending, enhancing, and other special effects, you can do some of this kind of work in Pixlr Mobile. But of course all kinds of apps offer all kinds of different options. We know some iphoneographers take images and run them through multiple apps to take advantage of each app’s singular specialty. Of course, it’s always worth noting that jumping from one app to another could possibly degrade your image quality more and more as you “app hop” — so consider apps that you can do most of your artwork in an all-in-one or all-in-mostly-one framework.
Resource links for masking:
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Pixlr allows you to apply an effect and selectively remove that effect with brushstrokes