Introducing Pixlr for Mac and PC

Today, we’re quite happy to announce a brand-new app. Pixlr is now available as a downloadable app for Mac and PC. You can install it today at for Mac and Windows, or download directly from the Mac App Store.
If you’re already a Pixlr Express user, you’ll notice some familiar details in Pixlr for Mac and PC. You’ll also discover new tools like a double exposure option and Influence Masks that can be used to not just correct photos but to do more advanced editing or create photographic art. Pixlr for Mac and PC brings together the best tools we’ve built over time, including popular Stylize filters that turn your photos into sketches and watercolor paintings.
When you download the app, you’ll be using the starter edition. Starter is free and has many of the features of Pixlr Express for web and mobile. Create a free Pixlr account to unlock Essentials, giving you access to additional effects, overlays, and tools like double exposure. Subscribe to a Pro membership and take advantage of advanced masking tools  — as well as everything we add to the app as it grows and evolves. A Pro membership is $1.99/month or $14.99/year.
If you’re a long-time user of our apps, you’ll undoubtedly be happy to see a few of these new options:

  • High resolution images: One of the best things about an installed app is that it can take advantage of more processing power than a web browser. No compressed images here. You can save your images at their full, original resolution.
  • Preserves EXIF data: These days people take photos with all kinds of digital devices. Pixlr presents and preserves the metadata your device includes with your photos.
  • Influence Panel: Available for Pro members, we built this collection of masking tools from the ground up to help you isolate areas or objects and apply sophisticated effects to just those areas. Change the color of a necktie at the drop of a hat or make a background into something illustrated and artistic.
  • Blending modes: Blending modes can help you place objects into photos that weren’t there before, but it also can be used in conjunction with lots of effects to alter the color and light in an image.
  • Use your own fonts: Since this is a downloadable app, you aren’t limited to the web fonts included in a web app. Use any font you’ve installed on your system. Add as many as you want.
  • New effects! If we’ve learned anything about Pixlr users, it’s that they love trying more and more overlays, stickers, borders, and options. We’ve added new effects for all three versions, and we’ll be adding more for Pro users on a regular basis.

Those are just a few of the things to check out in Pixlr for Mac and PC. If you’re curious about any of the new tools — or if you’ve never tried any of our online apps before — we made a batch of short videos to help you get acquainted with Pixlr for Mac and PC. Give them a watch. Or stop by to download and start creating something new and inventive with your photos.