User Spotlight: mahalstyle

tumblr_inline_ng4m5jvZ2q1rmon24 From time to time, we like to dig in and learn a bit more about the people who stand out to us because of the excellent photos they take and the interesting ways they use Pixlr apps. These are the people who have feeds that are definitely worth following. Today, we’re profiling Minh Huynh, a San Diego-based director of photography who helps fashion labels create an identity and show off their looks in online spaces. Minh runs multiple Instagram accounts, both for clients and for his own fashion projects. He takes some great model shots. tumblr_inline_ng2v6qyStq1rmon24 Minh definitely caught our eye on his @mahalstyle Instagram feed with his use of the Cosmic Geometry effects. In addition to being great with color, he shared a lot of interesting symmetrical images that really blew us away with their sheer impact: tumblr_inline_ng2ujqTedQ1rmon24 After following him, we dug in a little deeper and discovered his fashion photography, which is very SoCal and cool. It’s full of both the well-dressed and the punk rock: tumblr_inline_ng2un4gmQB1rmon24 Minh is a power user of Pixlr apps, although like a lot of people who are serious about photography he regularly uses up to a dozen different photo editing apps. A few things he uses Pixlr for in particular are for creating a consistent look and feel for his photos, for light leaks, and for putting them into a 16:9 format, a ratio he’s particularly fond of. Sometimes he also puts these into nice-looking 2-UP collages: tumblr_inline_ng2uv0ff6o1rmon24 We get the sense that he takes his camera just about everywhere, and we figure it has to be tons of fun to capture street shots of people while he’s out and about or creating mini photo shoots: tumblr_inline_ng2uonk7LJ1rmon24 We really like how he’s not just in it for straight-ahead photography. He’s not afraid of using effects to create a mood or make something completely offbeat and downright cool: tumblr_inline_ng2v95jpM61rmon24 While he sells his own t-shirts and promotes those on his @mahalstyle feed, he’s not just about people fashion. He even has an Instagram feed for his dog @hellafrenchie: tumblr_inline_ng2uf3HZCi1rmon24 Thank you, Minh, for sharing your story with us and for letting us share your spectacular photos! We’ll be following along going forward, and we recommend everyone else hop on the follow train, too.
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