Kickstart 2022 with Pixlr’s Inspirational New Year Templates

Start the new year with the most inspirational Instagram posts and story templates yet!

With the spirit of entering 2022 and overcoming the hurdles in the past year, go ahead and celebrate your achievements with Pixlr’s latest new year templates. With these high quality designs, you can be sure to enter 2022 with a bang.

What makes an inspirational new year template?

As the new year is all about celebrating new beginnings and marking down resolutions, you can guarantee that the following templates will relay such aspects to our audience. 

With golden fonts and a modern take, these premium designs will elevate your new year celebration to the next level. 

Made for creators by creators

Instead of spending hours designing the most well-thought out template, simply click on the link below any of the following templates for a quick edit! Load it up on Pixlr X or E and customize them instantly. 


I) Instagram and Facebook post templates

II) Instagram and Facebook story templates

Be it for any type of New Year’s post, rest assured that we have the best designs to convey the hard work you have put into it. 

For more template options, you can browse through our site. Want to know more about the top 5 design trends that will dominate 2022? Give our latest article a read.