5 Design Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Though 2022 might feel like a continuation of 2021 and many of the trends are rather similar, there is still so much to look forward to as we continue to push creative boundaries and expand our imagination beyond classic design rules.

We are here to bring you fresh, highly anticipated design trends that will take over 2022. 

Current trends at a glance 

It is undeniable how the current global issues that we are facing would ultimately shape designers worldwide, which consequently will also form the latest design trends. 

As design is one of the crucial ways that humans use to engage with the world around us, it is most likely that the visual content we produce would be a form of reaction to the relevant topics that we face collectively. 

It comes to no surprise that the upcoming design trends should be something that acknowledges our current experiences in 2021 and expectations for 2022.  Read on to uncover our trend prediction for next year’s design and get ahead of the curve in your future projects. 

1. Expressive & Experimental Typography

Created with Pixlr E.

The new year is all about expressive lettering and funky typefaces that sometimes aren’t exactly legible. After all, 2022 would be the perfect time for exploration and relentless self-expression.

By next year, content creators worldwide would already got used to the new norm caused by pandemic. They would be more than ready to break free from restrictions and challenge their artistic versatility. Hence, don’t be surprised with the emergence of wild font combinations mixed with vivid color palettes.

Created with Pixlr E.

2. Old School Is The New Cool

Everything old and retro is seemingly trending again! Last year, thanks to popular shows such as Stranger Things and GLOW, we saw the 80s nostalgia ushering in an era of neon colors, vaporwave aesthetic and bold serifs.

In 2022, we’re predicting a 90s comeback in a variety of incarnations, such as retro internet browser frames, polaroid photo holders, Memphis Design pattern and funky stickers.

Whether you favored Nirvana’s grunge style or the bubblegum pop of Britney Spears, one thing’s for sure – the 90s was all about experimenting with design and throwing the classic rules out the window.

3. Colorful Minimalism

When we think of minimalism, we think of monochromatic color palettes. More often than not, minimalism is associated with, well – minimalist color schemes. For so many years now, the style goes hand in hand with monotone colors, which essentially give off tranquility, sleek and modernity.

However, this conception would soon be altered in 2022. After all, colorful minimalism may be just the design trend we need. Just because your design used wide arrays of shades does not make it less of a minimalist piece than the others! Have fun and try to apply this for your upcoming visual content.

4. Surrealism & Escapism

A surreal composite by @ramipixel via Instagram.

What art style best represent our lives since the pandemic hit? That’s right, it would be surrealism. We would never in a million years think that someday we’ll go through endless lockdowns, social distancing and travel restrictions. To put it simply, the collective experience has been surreal.

Hence, we witnessed many designers and artists escaping stay-at-home orders through their imagination, building fantastical worlds with elements of reality.

A surreal composite by @k.psd via Instagram.

The appeal of surrealism is not just in the getaway itself, but in the inherent wonder of its viewers or audience. This trend is full of unexpected colors, psychedelic settings and whimsical designs.

5. Classic Serif Fonts

A variety of serif fonts on Pixlr E.

2022 would also be the year for classic serif fonts to make a comeback. Why, you may ask? Is this type of font not outdated already? After all, we’ve been so used in utilizing classic serifs such as Times New Roman and Georgia in our daily lives, that it may seem hardly a design choice anymore.

However, 2022 would also be the perfect time for content creators worldwide to bring back good memories and evoke nostalgia in their designs. With so many aspects of our lives had been changed, it’s nice to be reminded of our age-old traditions too sometimes.

There you have it – all the most anticipated design trends that would take over 2022!

Though we can’t predict the upcoming year for sure, Pixlr is here to guarantee that the above future trends would influence content creators’ and designers’ decisions alike in 2022.

Until then, why not read more articles in learning more about colors or design styles? Be it color palette ideas or composition tips, we got you covered.