New 3M Color Packs in Pixlr for Web and Mobile

Ready to turn up the color on your photos? We’ve partnered with 3M to bring you 3 new effects packs in Pixlr for the web and mobile. You’ll see these effects if you are a U.S.-based user.
The 3M Color overlay pack goes wild with color and fractured, colored patterns. We’ve cranked up the color more than we have in any other pack, and it will make your photos look ultra dreamy. Don’t want to get too crazy? You can dial down the opacity if you want more subtle effects, but we like these colors bold and saturated. The new 3M Splash stickers are a mix of illustrations and word quotes. We know our users love quotation-based stickers, so we made sure to include a few in this pack. Finally, the 3M Square effect lets you put a Warholian spin on your portraits of people. This effect has a neat option that is new to Pixlr: It overlays a multicolored, four-square grid copy of your image on top of your original photo. Adjust the fade controls and you can achieve some very cool blending.
Tip: Use the History Brush after the Square effect to remove part of the effect in a portrait and make a multi-portrait portrait. Totally meta!
We worked with 3M to create this pack and help them highlight the first laptop to feature 3M Quantum Dot Color Enhancement Technology. The Asus Zenbook NX500 is the only consumer laptop to achieve 100% RGB, sRGB, and NTSC Color Spectrum Quality Standards and offers 50% more color than any other consumer electronic device. Tailor made for creative professionals, it sports a 4K resolution display, 10-point touch screen and 16 million colors to use for bleeding edge design and the elusive client wow factor.
Whether you’re a graphic designer who is out to impress or just a smartphone snapper who appreciates cool effects, paint on some color with these new packs and show us what you make. Share what you make on social media sites with the hashtag #colormatters. We’ll be on the lookout for beautiful photos to share and show off on our social feeds (Instagram and others).