New Challenge: #pixlr #inhand

Last week’s challenge around the new Skyfall Essentials content pack was a real treat for us to curate. The new effects have some winning overlays, and you created some very impressive images with those crazy cloudy overlays. This week, we’re going to pivot a little and ask you to focus on creativity in photo taking to go along with your creativity in editing. We’d like to see you take photos around the theme “in hand.”
What does that mean? You could take a photo of something unique and interesting lying in your outstretched palm. A baby tortoise, an ice cream cone. Weapons go in hands. So do flowers. So do other hands. Get creative and make something that tackles the theme #pixlr #inhand. Tag your photos with those two hashtags, and we’ll dig up the best on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. You can use any other effects you want — or no effects. Creativity rules in this challenge. We’ll feature the best, with a reward of hand clapping, thumbs up, and sometimes thousands of Likes. Glory!