New Challenge: #theysaiditbest

Last month, we ran a Fan Art Challenge that really struck a chord with our users. The response was both great in number and in the quality of what people submitted. Some people used found photos or art from movie posters, and some people used their own personal photos. But what really stuck out was the editing. We saw tons of creative treatments, and one type of edit some people made stuck with us. A few people submitted photos of characters or people  — for example, Don Draper, Scarlett O’Hara — with quotations. We filed that idea away for awhile, and this week we’re pulling it back out of our (ever-expanding) list of weekly challenge ideas.
This week, let’s make images that have famous (or should-be-more-famous) quotations on them. We can almost guarantee that finding a quote will be easy. There are countless databases out there that collect famous quotations (BrainyQuote is a favorite), but we bet you can think of a celebrity or sports star or author or world leader who said something that really resonates with you. So make that this week:

  • Use any photo you want. If it’s yours, great! If it’s someone else’s photo, we always encourage people to include an attribution.
  • Use a photo of the person who said it if you want. If the person is long dead, you could try getting creative with a black-and-white photo like we did with our Mae West photo. We made this one with one of the recent Artmodern overlays to give it a cool splash of paint. Worked out really well with the extreme contrast of this old photo.
  • Use a photo that expresses the quotation creatively like we did with the sunflower photo in this post. It’s a stock photo that, when combined with a clever quote from Margaret Mead, really expresses how the idea of individualism and marching to the beat of a different drummer can become comical if carried to an extreme. Stock photos can be really great for this kind of funny, faux-motivational poster.
  • Use any of our apps to make your #theysaiditbest image. We made the sunflower pic edit in Pixlr for Desktop, which gave us some extra font options (the app uses fonts installed on your computer). But you can just use our phone app if that’s what you have handy.


Tag ’em so we can find ’em!

Edit your images and tag them #theysaiditbest on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr. We’ll scour these places looking for the absolute best images and share them on our social media channels, garnering you Internet fame and lots of artistic love. We can’t wait to see what wisdom of the ages you share with us.