Pixlr 2.6.3 for iOS: New Compare Button, Expanded Features for All Users

Not too long ago, we updated Pixlr for Android and added and expanded features. Today, we’re bringing those features to iOS.
Compare Button 
Compare the before and after of your effects with the new Compare button. When you’re adding any kind of effect (overlays, borders, stickers, you name it), you can now take a moment to click on a button in the upper-left-hand area of your screen, and the effect will toggle off. You’ve always had the ability to Undo, but this is faster if you’re trying out effects on the fly.
Double Exposure, Auto Contrast now for everyone
In the past, Pixlr Essentials and Pro members have had extra controls. Double Exposure (add-an-image functionality) and Auto Contrast are now available for everyone who uses the app. If you’ve never tried these before, you’re probably going to like them. Double Exposure has Blending Modes, which really help when you’re adding images.
Stylize opacity controls
Stylize options, which turn your photo into different types of artwork — lithographs, sketches, watercolors, to name a few — now have an opacity control. This is a huge help if you want to just add a subtle treatment to your photo. Sometimes, a full-on sketch effect can be too much when the addition of a more subtle sketchy texture is what you need. As you can see from this example, this kind of control can make a huge difference:
Instagram friendly backgrounds
As you may know, we run a new Instagram challenge every week, and some of our users have asked us for the ability to share their images to Instagram but without cropping out any of their photo. Essentially, they want their horizontal or vertical photo to fit into a square so they can share on Instagram in their photo’s full glory. Great suggestion, and we’re happy to have added that in this release.
Crop to Square2
A few more things: 

  • Less clicks to share: We’ve exposed a one-click share option in more places.
  • Google Chromecast support: If you’ve ever wanted to edit photos on the big screen, now’s your chance.
  • Fixed some bugs in Heal tool and collage

If you haven’t updated yet, stop reading this silly blog post and go get the new version.