New for Pixlr Express: Gorgeous Illamasqua Expansion Pack

We’re extremely excited to announce the availability of a new Pixlr Express Expansion Pack. It’s created by the innovative designer Alex Box for Illamasqua Makeup.
If you’re not familiar with Illamasqua, they are a cult British beauty brand dedicated to self-expression through make-up art. It’s make-up that goes way beyond the superficial to take a very unique and artistic approach.
These super hip, ultra-cool, expertly designed Illamasqua stickers, overlays, and borders are only available in Pixlr Express for a limited time. You’ll find the Illamasqua Expansion Pack in Pixlr Express for iOS, Android, and the web. Just click on the Illamasqua logo to unlock the content, dig up a favorite portrait (or snap a new selfie), and show us your most artistic face. You won’t have a hard time with this challenge; these effects are tailor-made to make you look fabulous.