Upgrade to Pixlr Express 1.2 for Android — Stickers!

We released a new version of Pixlr Express for Android today. The update was an opportunity to fix a few very simple bugs, but it was also a chance for us to introduce stickers to the Android version of the app.
Stickers are something that appear in the Pixlr Express web version, and it’s been a very popular feature. People love their stickers, and we’ve been hearing requests to include something similar in the mobile versions. Like the Pixlr Express web version, the Pixlr Express Android stickers are a lot of seasonal, whimsical, and fun images. My favorites are the comic book BAM! and POW! style stickers. If you’re familiar with stickers on the web version of Pixlr Express, you’ll be happy to see something similar make its way to the web version.
That’s the latest update. We’ll keep you posted on future updates for Android and iPhone. If you aren’t already a Pixlr Express for Android user, you can get the new version 1.2 for free on the Google Play Store.