New Pixlr Challenge: #pixlr #fanart

We’re big fans of fan art. Our users are, too. Each week we run a new Pixlr Challenge, and while we’re sifting through all the submissions we invariably see people using our apps to take existing images of their favorite fictional characters and edit them in dramatic or interesting ways. Fan art can take many forms. In addition to paintings and drawings, fan artists create photographic fan art, too. Images of characters, the actors who play them, famous quotations — any and all creativity explodes in fan art.
This week’s challenge is all about fan art. Celebrate your favorite movie character, novel villain, comic book hero, or imaginary being. You a fan of a pro wrestler? That counts. Bring it. Fan art is very open to interpretation, so get creative and make something different. Or just something beautiful. You can use any editing options in any of our apps, from Pixlr mobile to Pixlr Desktop to Pixlr Editor if you have more advanced graphic design skills.
Tag it #pixlr #fanart
Share your photos this week with the hashtags #pixlr #fanart on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. We’ll be on the lookout across our social feeds for these hashtags all week long. The reward? Pure glory. We’ll be featuring our favorites on our feeds through Sunday.
Need some inspiration? Check out these great fan art images made with Pixlr that we saw just this past week during our last challenge:
@monsterlolita on Instagram celebrates Margot Robbie, who will be playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. Nice double exposure! 
@saifalaskary on Instagram celebrates, John Cena, WWE United States Champion. Probably didn’t know that if you aren’t at least a nominal wrestling fan. 
@seline_williams on Instagram applies some lovely edits to a photo of Clara Oswald, companion of the eleventh and twelfth doctors. 
Here’s a video tip
Finally, check out this video that shows you how we started our own fan art image. You don’t have to use Double Exposure, but we did for this one. We ended up making some more edits, but this is one way to think about how to create something like this: