Pixlr Ambassador Programme

Share your art with the world with Pixlr’s Ambassador Programme!

If you are a visual enthusiast obsessed with making aesthetic designs, art, or photo edits, this announcement is for you. Join us and embark on this exciting journey to become Pixlr’s first-ever ambassador! In doing so, we will give your artwork the attention it so clearly deserves.

With Pixlr’s Ambassador Programme, you can grow your following easily as we give you all the exposure and platforms you’ll ever need to show your creations worldwide. This is especially crucial for artists and content creators who are keen on building a good portfolio, as you are guaranteed to build a loyal fanbase as your journey progresses.

Bring out the influencer in you and become a Pixlr Ambassador today!

What is the Pixlr Ambassador Program?

This inclusive program is designed specifically to showcase just how amazing visual creators are and the things that they can achieve with their talent and hard work. Pixlr is more than eager to build a community filled with said like-minded people, giving their artwork the spotlight that they need, while making sure that they can grow together with the brand.

What can I expect from becoming a Pixlr Ambassador?

Of course, you will not enroll in this program and come out empty-handed. To ensure all the content creators, designers, and artists alike have the tools they need to create the best versions of their artistic visions, they will gain full access to Pixlr Suite. This entails an extensive set of AI-powered editing tools and all platforms that Pixlr has to offer. 

 Ambassadors will also be the first to try any upcoming AI tools that Pixlr will release – including the latest innovative feature, AI CutOut. Not only that, there would be extra overlays, and designing elements such as icons, stickers, and decorative texts especially provided for all Pixlr ambassadors. 

 That is not all! You can be sure to get new access each month, as Pixlr is relentlessly diversifying its asset library. This applies to templates too, as we will make sure that there would be new options available every month. This is to ensure that all your creative needs as a Pixlr ambassador can be met. What’s more, anticipate more Ambassador Specials curated by Pixlr in the upcoming feature!

Why Pixlr?

With a rapidly growing user base, this chance to collaborate with Pixlr is something to be noticed. As of now, we have over 16 million active users worldwide. This illustrates just how empowering our editing tools are, as we help countless people worldwide realize their artistic visions with our platform.

 The newly launched Pixlr Suite encompasses all our platforms in one – making it even easier for users to switch between features and tools as it is an all-in-one creative suite made for all your designing needs with just one subscription. The suite is also available in more than 20 languages; all the more insurance that you can experience a seamless designing and editing experience regardless of where you are. 

 With this massive following, Pixlr is offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance; an opportunity for you to collaborate with the brand and grow your personal brand with Pixlr’s online audience. We currently have over 2 million followers on Facebook and 300,000 on Instagram. With full access to our online following, you can show just how talented you are with ease!

Who are we looking for?

 The Pixlr Ambassador Program is open to anyone that falls under the following three categories;

1) Design Influencers

We are excited to welcome talented individuals that can help showcase the latest design trends by using Pixlr’s advanced features.

2) Design Educators

If you have a passion for design and teaching, then this program is the one for you. You can use this opportunity to train your capabilities as both a designer and an educator as we will give you the chance to teach and tutor others on how to design with Pixlr.

 3) Digital Artists

Pixlr welcomes aspiring digital artists that are enthusiastic about showing off their portfolios to the world. Leveraging Pixlr’s audience, you can strut your stuff on multiple platforms and gain recognition instantly!

How do I become a Pixlr Ambassador? 

Interested in signing up? All you need to do is fill in the form here and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible – yes, it is that easy!

Join us and share your artistic passion to the world

Not only can you build a fanbase of your own, you can also enjoy the countless benefits that the program has to offer. After all, you’ll gain the ultimate subscription to Pixlr Suite – the all-in-one creative suite that can assists you in all kinds of projects. And this is just one of the many benefits available. 

Become a Pixlr Ambassador today!