Pixlr Editor: Never Lose Work Again

Users of Pixlr Editor, our free graphic design app that works in your browser, are pretty dedicated. Some people use it nearly every day either because they don’t want to pay for expensive installed software or because it’s just so darn convenient to fire it up in a browser even if you’re away from your regular computer. These dedicated users have asked us to make their lives a little better by tossing up a message anytime a user closes a Pixlr Editor window. Simply put, too many people were losing work by accidentally closing a tab — or just closing their browser.

We’re happy to let you know that now you’ll be warned if you close your Pixlr Editor window. A simple “are you sure you want to close this” message will let you do a double take. Since we’ve had a lot of requests for this, we’re almost certain users will be happy to hear about this change. Many thanks to all of you who contacted us and asked for it.
Of course, if you’re in a hurry and need to save your work, we offer an online Pixlr Library where you can save your drafts. A reminder that if you want to preserve layers and work on them later, save your work as a .pxd file.  One last thing: For those of you who reported that the Free Transform bounding box would appear offset in some situations — we’ve now fixed that. Again, thanks to those who reported it!