Pixlr Express Plus version 1.2 for iOS adds text and stickers

Since we introduced Pixlr Express about six months ago, we’ve been bringing some of the more popular details and features of the web-based version to your smartphone. The last update for the iPhone and iPad (in March) added the Vibrance tool and beefed up Color Splash. This time around, we’re bringing two of the most popular tools people have been asking for to the iPhone and iPad: text and stickers.
The text options on Pixlr Express for the web have always been a huge hit. People love the many unique, script-y font choices, and now you can add text, resize it, and experiment with fonts directly on your iPhone. Each font pack can be downloaded separately, and you can pick your favorites for easy access later if you like. It’s very similar to the way Pixlr Express works on the web, so you should be able to get started with this quite easy if you’ve ever used it on the web.
The second big addition to the iPhone version of Pixlr Express Plus are stickers. You can now slap whimsical stickers onto your photos. Resize them with your fingers, rotate them, or use the fade control to change the opacity. My favorite stickers are the comic book style Bam! Pow! stickers, so I’ve loaded up my favorites with those. And the cute Kawaii stickers of happy cupcakes and smiling clouds are completely irresistible.
We’ll undoubtedly be adding more to Pixlr Express Plus, both for iOS and Android. We’ll keep you posted about new updates as they happen. If you’re an iPhone user, download the Pixlr Express Plus 1.2 version today and start trying out these new features. Pixlr Express Plus is a free app, so of course the update is free, too.
Never tried Pixlr Express Plus for iOS? It’s free. Get it here.