Pixlr Suite: The All-In-One Creative Hub

Whether you are in the creative field, marketing, or content creation in general, you must have already understood the importance of a smooth creative process – from ideation to execution and post-production editing, it is important to pick the right platform the realize your creative visions.

Generally, photo editing and graphic design take a lot of effort, time, and money. Without the right creative resources, many will struggle and this will hinder their ability to produce stunning content in time.

Introducing the one-stop solution for all your creative needs

Pixlr understands the exact concerns that many creatives face, hence we have decided to launch Pixlr Suite, the all-in-one creative hub that will cater to everyone’s preferences and needs. This complex suite offers many functions with just one subscription.

With this hub, you can effectively conduct different kinds of creative processes without having to switch apps. What’s more, the affordable pricing plan guarantees that you will never have to spend a penny on any unnecessary platform. This ultimately minimizes your costs for content production as any tools that you need can be found in Pixlr Suite.

Below is a quick sneak peek at what you can gain by subscribing:

1. Pixlr E

With an intuitive interface, Pixlr E is perfect for advanced editors that crave complex editing tools powered with AI. The wide range of features available is designed to assist you in seamlessly creating all kinds of designs, as they are both innovative and easy to use.

2. Pixlr X

For photo editing beginners, worry not! Pixlr is here for you too. With Pixlr X‘s simple layout, you can easily adapt and navigate the platform in no time. Topped with a diverse library of templates, design elements, and overlays, this AI-powered platform is suitable for those who are still figuring out photo editing.

3. Photomash Studio

In creating the most professional-looking profile pictures, ads, or product photos, come onboard and try Photomash Studio. The app provides many choices of backgrounds, outlines, and effects in helping you create the best visuals for your brand (be it for personal branding or for commercial use). With just a few clicks, you can upgrade the quality of your images in no time.

4. Remove Background

A critical part of content creation often involves removing the backgrounds from your images. Needless to say, a good platform that can do this function without distorting the quality of your images is a valuable asset to keep.

Hence, you can always rely on Pixlr’s Background Remover, which can automatically detect which parts to remove without you needing to select them. In just a few seconds, you can also restore and remove any image section you wish with AI’s help.

5. Batch Editor

Pixlr’s Batch Editor, being the latest launch, is especially reliable when it comes to content creators that need to edit hundreds of pictures in one go. This bulk editing tool has the capacity to apply the same filters, adjustments, and cropping to hundreds of images at once, saving you the time and energy to do it manually one by one.

See just how far you can go with Pixlr Suite

The versatility of Pixlr Suite and the many tools it offers can no longer be denied. The tools are meant to empower creatives worldwide, regardless of their backgrounds and levels of expertise. What’s even better, its affordable pricing is designed to suit your budget, as it strives to become the better choice to make during times like this; where the economy is taking a downturn and with inflation on the rise.