Pride 2015

For nearly 45 years, people have been joining together to fight for gay rights and celebrate the gains won from that fight by holding Pride parades. What started out as political marches have evolved over time. Some years, Pride parades have been a massive let-it-all-hang-out party. Years when AIDS took too many lives were more cautious. These days, annual Pride parades are taking on a new importance and visibility. They’re less about “poly” and sex and more about “trans” and gender. They’re more inclusive, inviting in families of all stripes. In many ways, the LGBT movement has gone practically mainstream as support for gay marriage is at an all-time high. And it’s still on the rise.
That mainstream bent is reflected in the San Francisco Pride Parade’s theme this year: Equality without Exception. Everyone is invited. LGBT. Plus Q+A. Plus everyone else. Including you. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is encouraged to represent.
Autodesk is proud to represent. We’re building a float at our Pier 9 Workshop that shows off San Francisco’s unique topography and trademark fog — all designed with the help of our software, of course. The Pixlr team wanted to join in the celebration, so we designed a brand-new set of Pride stickers that we hope you’ll use to let your Pride flag fly.
They’re not all flags, of course. We’ve got some cute gender symbols, rainbow word quotes, smiley flowers — even a sparkly unicorn. First and foremost, these stickers are designed to be fun. Second, they’re pretty inclusive in their own way. You don’t have to be gay to fall in love with them! If you’ve been a Pixlr user for a long time, you probably know that we’ve had a set of Pride stickers in our app for a number of years, but we thought this was the perfect time to add a big batch of new ones. Look for them in the Stickers area of our mobile app, our web app, and our desktop app.
Let true colors shine through in our weekly challenge: #pixlr #colorsplash
Each week we run a Pixlr Challenge on a new theme, and this week we’re inspired by all of the color in our Pride 2015 stickers. Your photo doesn’t have to use the new Pride 2015 stickers, but you’re more than welcome to represent if you want. We’re simply looking for any compelling photos that let true colors shine through. Read all about this week’s #pixlr #colorsplash challenge.