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10 Best Virtual Backgrounds To Turn Your School Year Around

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online school has never been more essential in our daily lives. These past few years, education systems worldwide have been completely redefined, as the way we learn and participate in classes and events have been mostly done online. E-learnings and virtual meetings have now become the norm for students and

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Best Photo Editing Tutorials for Beginners with Pixlr

Pixlr – the best creative suite for beginners and photo editing enthusiasts With Pixlr’s ever-growing collections of templates, filters, frames and design elements, it’s no wonder that photo editors of all kinds of backgrounds gravitate towards the platform. The intuitive AI-driven creative suite is suitable for just about any purposes – from personal branding, to

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A Guide to Creating Mood Boards and Photo Collages

A mood board (inspiration board) is essentially an amalgamation of ideas, a digital (or physical) collage of concepts, whereas a photo collage is an assemblage of several images to create a whole new form for artistic expression.  Both of these things are different, but they do have certain similarities. For instance, they both consist of

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