Best Photo Editing Tutorials for Beginners with Pixlr

Pixlr – the best creative suite for beginners and photo editing enthusiasts

With Pixlr’s ever-growing collections of templates, filters, frames and design elements, it’s no wonder that photo editors of all kinds of backgrounds gravitate towards the platform. The intuitive AI-driven creative suite is suitable for just about any purposes – from personal branding, to growing your small businesses.

Pixlr understands the importance of having access to unlimited creative resources and innovative tools when it comes to creating content. More importantly, the entire platform is user-centric; solely designed to make any sort of editing and designing process easier, smarter and faster.

Endless creative possibilities when creating with Pixlr

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As for preparing yourself to navigate the platform with ease, below are a series of must-watch tutorials that we have prepared for you. Fret not – all the steps are simplified and are easy to follow. Check out our Retouch like a PRO Series on YouTube now!

5 Pixlr X Editing and Retouching Tips 

For novice photo editors, there’s no platform that can suit you better than Pixlr X. Not only does it have a user-friendly interface, but the tools are also available in a wide range, allowing you to edit your works within seconds. If you are interested in knowing the basic editing and retouching tips for Pixlr X, watch this video for a thorough tutorial.

5 Pixlr E Editing and Retouching Tips 

When it comes to challenging your creative limits, Pixlr E is the perfect suite. Built for users that are typically more experienced in the photo editing field, Pixlr E adopts the most advanced tools and creative resources. If you would like to know more about how to flawlessly edit and retouch pictures using Pixlr E, watch the following tutorial.

The Latest Photography Trends #madewithpixlr 

Just like most creative fields, photographers need to constantly update themselves on the latest industry trends to stay relevant. However, Pixlr is here to help ease your workload and let you get inspired with current photography trends. With Pixlr’s easy-to-use tools, templates, elements and fonts, you can get behind just about any photography trend with ease. Head over to this video for more interesting tips.

Create aesthetic portraits in Pixlr X

Aesthetic portraits are now more popular than ever. For both personal and professional, having an aesthetic and unique profile picture is a must in order to stand out and be recognized. Having an intriguing portrait can help you assert strong branding, while at the same time allowing you to network with the right people.

If you are looking to start editing your portraits but don’t know how, follow this video for a thorough tutorial on how one might retouch their portraits and transform it into something magnificent.

Get inspired with Pixlr

Interested to explore more Pixlr tutorials? Check out our complete playlist and apply these effective tips to your creative process today!

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