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Back(drop) in Business: How Pixlr 2024 Reimagines Your Images

Pixlr 2024 has just launched, and with it comes a suite of groundbreaking AI generative tools designed to make high-quality design accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level. Among these revolutionary tools is the AI Backdrop, a feature that’s set to change the way we think about and interact with our visuals. Let’s dive

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Creating Dreamy Landscapes with the Blur Tool

In the realm of digital artistry, the power of subtlety cannot be overstated. A touch of blur here, a hint of softness there, and voila! Your image transforms from ordinary to extraordinary. Pixlr’s Blur Tool, with its user-friendly interface and diverse range of blur types, is your magic wand to achieving this transformation. Whether you’re

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Creating Abstract Masterpieces with Pixlr’s Dispersion Tool

Are you a digital artist looking to add a little bit of magic to your creations, or perhaps an amateur photo editor wanting to bring a surreal touch to your images? Whether you’re a professional designer or a hobbyist, Pixlr’s Dispersion Tool is the perfect solution to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary abstract masterpieces. In

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