Unveiling 2023’s Top Geometric Trends with Pixlr

When we talk about design, every year unfolds a plethora of surprises. Remember when gradients took the digital world by storm? Or the revival of retro patterns? This year, it’s all about geometrics!

2023 has been witnessing a significant shift towards geometric designs, with shapes and patterns sneaking into every nook and cranny of the digital sphere. Pixlr, always at the forefront of design revolutions, is here to break down the 10 Hottest Geometric Designs for you.

But first, let’s dig a little into the whys and how these trends have become so predominant this year.

The Rise of Geometric Designs

There’s something incredibly captivating about geometric shapes. They’re both familiar, being rooted in ancient art and architecture, and fresh, lending themselves to innovative digital designs. With the 2020s championing minimalistic design ethos, it was only natural that the clean lines and precise angles of geometric patterns would find their space. Moreover, in a world that became increasingly unpredictable, there was comfort to be found in the stability and predictability of shapes.

2023’s Geometric Glory: Top 10 Designs

1. Hexagonal Honeycombs

While hexagons have always been around, 2023 saw them being used predominantly in design backdrops, especially with a gradient touch. They give an organic, natural feel, reminiscent of honeycombs.

2. Intersecting Circles

This year, it’s not just about standalone circles but how they intersect and interact. This design speaks volumes about connectivity and unity.

3. Asymmetrical Triangles

Moving away from the equilateral, asymmetrical triangles have become the edgy new stars, often used in abstract artworks and digital collages.

4. 3D Cuboids

With the rise of AR and VR, 3D designs are in, and what better way to represent this than with floating, shadowed cuboids? They’re the future in shape!

5. Pentagon Pops

Used predominantly in icons and logos, pentagons give a fresh break from the conventional circular or square logos.

6. Randomized Polygons

These multi-sided shapes, especially with a touch of randomness, have found their way into background designs and digital art. They’re unpredictable and yet symmetrical.

7. Geometric Animal Patterns

Think of a lion made entirely of triangles or a bird shaped with hexagons. These patterns blend the natural with the digital, creating mesmerizing visuals.

8. Bold Line Grids

These are not your ordinary grids. With varying line thickness and often combined with vibrant colors, they’re a statement piece in every design.

9. Overlapping Shapes with Pastels

Overlapping geometric shapes, especially when combined with soft pastel shades, create a dreamy visual effect, making them a favorite for ads and banners.

10. Organic meets Geometric


Imagine a design where a leaf seamlessly transitions into triangles or a river flows as a series of parallelograms. This trend of blending organic imagery with geometric shapes is a testament to design versatility.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Pixlr

With Pixlr’s powerful editing tools, you’re not just a spectator of these trends; you can be a creator! Dive deep, experiment, mix, and match, and see where these geometric wonders take your designs next. Remember, the world of design thrives on innovation. So, why wait? Let’s shape the future, one polygon at a time.

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