Why Switching From Canva to Pixlr is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to designing online templates, Canva would be the majority of what people have in mind. Not only is Canva free, the selections of Canva templates that people can choose from are varied; with just about any kind of design that you can think of. However, for those who have grown tired of its monotonous features and are searching for Canva alternatives, we have the answer for you – Pixlr

Switching from Canva to Pixlr is actually easier than you think, and you may find yourself wondering these questions; is Pixlr better than Canva? Why should you choose Pixlr over Canva? Do Pixlr’s subscription plans offer more than Canva’s pricing plans?

When discussing the matter of Pixlr vs Canva, we must first look at both of their basic features. Essentially, What is Canva? Though the platform is most likely used for creating visual contents using the templates it provides, Canva actually bears more resemblance with Pixlr than you may think. Pixlr, though at its core is an online photo editing suite, can be used to create just as stunning visual content as Canva does. Whereas Canva’s strength point is its templates, Pixlr is capable of something beyond that.  

Graphic elements in Pixlr X.

Not only does Pixlr provide various free templates too, Pixlr features more than 4,000 overlays and 12,000 graphic elements for its users; which are helpful to add texture, dimensions and layers to your design projects. Moreover, Pixlr is equipped with various AI-powered tools that gives you more freedom in producing your creative content such as; ‘Auto Fix’ (where your images’ lighting and color balance can be adjusted within one click), background removers and many more.  

In terms of pricing, is Canva free? Yes. Is Pixlr also free? Most definitely. If you are looking to compare what Canva Free Trial offers with what Pixlr has, we got you covered. The 30-day free trial of Canva Pro is centered around templates and premium stock photos, whereas with Pixlr’s 30-day free trial of Pixlr Premium, you would get to enjoy extensive photo editing tools, AI CutOut, exclusive video tutorials and access to over 18,000 creative assets. Best part is, Pixlr’s Premium plan is cheaper compared to Canva Pro pricing. 

Pixlr‘s selection of templates.

Having been nominated as one of the top 50 websites of the year by Time, Pixlr has generated over tens of millions of monthly users, making itself worthy of being one of Canva competitors. With its streamlined interface, Pixlr also assured that even the most non-experienced creative enthusiast would be able to access a vast selection of editing tools with easy navigation. 

Pixlr‘s effect library

Pixlr is years ahead of Canva in terms of the number of filters that it offers. The platform features nearly 100 filters, which allows Pixlr’s users to modify their templates in perfect detail, as they can enjoy many more effects. 

Furthermore, Pixlr has added data integration and machine learning, while enabling Autosave for users regardless of which device they use (as Pixlr is also mobile-responsive). This set of updated features aid users to modify their templates and images effortlessly; from cutouts, to crops and auto-exposure. 

All in all, though it is apparent that both Pixlr and Canva are similar sites, Pixlr would be able to offer much more to its users that are keen on editing. For what it’s worth, giving Pixlr a chance would not hurt one bit, so go ahead and try it out now for free!

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