Get Festive with Pixlr’s Joyous Christmas Templates

Spruce up your festivities with our collection of beautiful Instagram post and story templates!

In just a few days, the long-awaited Christmas day will be upon us all. If you are looking for ways to make your holiday all the more merrier this year, why not head to Pixlr for some captivating templates?

Be it for season’s greetings or Christmas sales, Pixlr is here to ensure you can be festive in style! Not only would these templates catch your audience’s eyes, they would also make your social media feed stand apart from others. 

What makes a Christmas template?

Instagram story templates on Pixlr.

As Christmas itself is all about warmth, joy and giving, you can rely on these templates below to convey such feelings on any of your posts. 

Though the very colors of Christmas are red and green, Pixlr is here to help you get creative by delving into rich shades to make your social media feed even classier this Christmas. You can, of course, still use our traditional-style Christmas templates (such as below) if you’d like!

Instagram story templates on Pixlr.

Made for creators by creators

Instead of spending hours designing the most well-thought out template, simply click on the link below any of the following templates for a quick edit! Load it up on Pixlr X or E and customize them instantly. 

Instagram post templates

1. Christmas greetings 



2. Christmas sales and other festive events


Instagram story templates

1. Christmas sales and announcements

 2. Christmas mood board and inspiration

 3. Christmas greetings, quotes and more.


There you have it – the most diverse and enthralling  Christmas templates you’ll ever need. 

Be it for any type of Christmas post, rest assured that we have the best designs to convey the hard work you have put into it. Without a doubt, these professionally designed templates would blow your audience’s mind this festive season.

For more template options, you can browse through our site here. Want to know more about Christmas color palettes instead? Click here for a thorough read.