April’s Typography Trends: Enhance Your Designs with Pixlr

There’s been a relatively clear theme of font and typography trends in 2023.

We’re seeing both highly structured font styles and more expressive typefaces, ranging from elegant serifs to soft san serifs. Here at Pixlr, we love experimenting with design by mixing and matching different font styles together.

In today’s article, we’ll show you some of April’s typography trends and how to utilize them in your own designs.

Soft Sans Serif

Soft sans serifs feel more approachable than strictly geometric sans serifs, and in 2023 we’ve been seeing more brands seeking a friendly and tactile style in their logos and designs.

Poppins balances softness with geometric impact and look fantastic either as a headline or just simple body text. It is versatile, amiable, and easy on the eyes.

Big, Bold, and Sturdy

As people crave structure, solidity, and security in expressing themselves, we will likely see more bold display fonts throughout 2023. These fonts have all-caps text, thick lines, and sturdy geometric shapes.

Use-wise, fonts such as Navill and Geronide would be a good fit in industries such as hospitality, travel, apparel, and grass-roots businesses. There’s also great potential in wider brand identity applications like advertisements and packaging design, given their bold and impactful look.

A Hint of Nostalgia

Nostalgia will never go out of style – anything vintage-looking has returned as a trend in recent years. Fonts such as Sheraton and Retrocycles are reminiscent of 50s-style drive-in diners and roller-disco events from the 70s.

These fun, friendly-retro font styles are set to be popular across branding and websites in 2023. You can pair these retro fonts with strong colors and photography for a bold, memorable look.

Flirty Calligraphy

Script fonts will go stripped-back and simple with a hint of flirtiness in 2023, losing any excess fluff and flourishes.

Perfect for food and beverage businesses or baby/children products, Twirly Ballerina is a classic calligraphy font that adds a feminine touch to any design. You can pair it with any sans-serif to balance out the overall design.

Silvertone is a minimal script font with a stylish mood, giving a sartorial flair to signatures, modern logos, or even quotes.

Elegant Serifs

Serifs that scream sleekness and elegance have been showing up in travel blogs, lifestyle magazines, and editorials as of late.

We see a gradual move towards serifs that look more minimalist and feel cleaner overall. Kindel is a good example of this elegant clean look we seek in a typeface.

We love a no-nonsense serif such as Cinzel as it can be used as a bold statement or a sturdy subheading. It also goes well with any simple sans-serif font.

Start Designing with Unique Fonts in Pixlr Today!

Now that we’ve shown you some of the trending typefaces and how to best utilize them in a design, you can easily get started and create your own artwork with Pixlr today.

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