Golden Hour Glow-Up: Master the Hottest Instagram & TikTok Trend with Pixlr

As a photography enthusiast, you probably have heard of the golden hour trend.

The Golden Hour, often referred to as the “magic hour,” has become a viral photography trend, thanks to the visual appeal it offers to both professional and amateur photographers. This enchanting time of day, when the sun is close to the horizon, has taken social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok by storm, filling our feeds with mesmerizing images bathed in warm, golden light.

In this article, we’ll delve into the origins of the Golden Hour trend, discuss its popularity on Instagram and TikTok, and show you how to achieve this stunning effect using Pixlr’s photo editor.

The Golden Hour: Origins and Appeal

The term “Golden Hour” refers to the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when daylight is soft, warm, and evenly diffused. During these fleeting moments, the sun casts a rich, golden hue that can make even the most mundane scenes look magical. The unique lighting conditions during the Golden Hour create flattering, atmospheric images, making it a favorite among portrait, landscape, and street photographers alike.

Going Viral on Instagram and TikTok

The Golden Hour trend gained momentum on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where users are constantly seeking visually stunning content to engage their followers. These platforms’ visual-centric nature makes them perfect for showcasing the captivating beauty of Golden Hour photography.

On Instagram, hashtags like #goldenhour, #goldenhourphotography, and #chasingsunsets have amassed millions of posts, encouraging photographers from around the world to share their unique take on this enchanting time of day. Similarly, TikTok has seen an influx of content creators sharing tips, tutorials, and their own Golden Hour masterpieces, inspiring a new generation of photographers to explore this alluring photography style.

Achieving the Golden Hour Effect with Pixlr

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or wait for the perfect conditions to capture stunning Golden Hour images. With Pixlr’s user-friendly photo editor, you can create that warm, magical glow in just a few simple steps:

1. Upload your photo

Open Pixlr E and upload the image you want to edit by selecting “Open image” from the main menu.

2. Adjust the colors

Click on the “Adjustments” tab and select “Color Balance.” Adjust the red, green, and blue sliders to achieve a warmer, more golden hue in your image. You can also use the “Temperature” slider to add warmth to your photo.

3. Add a gradient

To enhance the Golden Hour effect, click on the “Layers” tab and select “Add new fill or adjustment layer.” Choose “Gradient” and pick a warm, orange or yellow gradient to mimic the setting or rising sun. Adjust the opacity and blending mode to create a more realistic effect.

4. Add a lens flare

For an extra touch of magic, you can add a lens flare to your image. Click on the “Elements” tab, then select “Light” and choose “Lens Flare.” Adjust the size, position, and intensity of the flare to create a natural-looking effect.

Once you’re satisfied with the overall look of your image, you can make any final adjustments to brightness, contrast, or saturation. When you’re finished, click “Save” to download your Golden Hour masterpiece.

Capture Magic with Pixlr – Try Now!

The Golden Hour photography trend continues to captivate audiences on Instagram and TikTok, offering a unique and enchanting perspective on the world around us. By leveraging tools like Pixlr’s photo editor, even amateur photographers can join in on the trend, transforming ordinary images into breathtaking works of art.

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