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Replacing a Color in Pixlr Editor

Want to learn more about how Pixlr Editor works? Pixlr Editor is pretty powerful, but it can be intimidating for people who want to trade up and learn more in-depth graphic design skills. Where do you start if you don’t know where to start? To help newbies get their footing, we’re creating a series of

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New Stickers for Pixlr Express: Symbols

This week, we’re rotating some new “Symbol” stickers into Pixlr Express. We regularly rotate seasonal stickers (e.g., the recent July 4th stickers in the U.S.) to keep things fresh, but we also like to keep the library of stickers fresh by rotating in new ones and rotating out some of the lesser-used ones. These new symbol

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New Stickers: Accessories

New sticker alert! Today, we added 10 new stickers to Pixlr Express. You’ll find them in the Accessories sticker pack. A lot of these stickers are items you might want to use to dress up your friends and/or enemies. You’ll find bandages, eyepatches, halos, headphones, horns, and a few other things you can plaster on

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