Breezing Fun: 5 Types of Summer Themed Stories Templates 

Let’s welcome the summer breeze with Pixlr’s cool templates

Now that summertime fun is upon us, you may already have an array of exciting activities planned ahead. Be it sunbathing on the beach, taking a short vacation somewhere nice, or even just chilling in the nearest pool, Pixlr’s templates are here to keep you company. 

Why should you use Pixlr’s summer-themed templates?

These summer-themed templates will help you digitize and record all the beautiful times you will have these upcoming months. Doubling the fun, Pixlr’s templates will also help you keep track of your summer plans. This is especially important for small business owners who can carefully plan their summer content. 

Moreover, Pixlr’s intuitive and advanced interface makes it super easy for any user to customize and adjust the templates. The platform is solely designed to ensure that any editing process is made more accessible and efficient. Don’t believe us? Give it a try now!

Scroll down below for 5 types of summer-themed templates available on Pixlr

1. Funky Fun

Fun Times, Created with Pixlr.

Cool Pool Vibes, Created with Pixlr.

Equipped with quirky and eye-catching illustrations, these Pixlr templates just scream summer joy. This style is excellent for layback, chill activities, or events. 

Summer Pool, Created with Pixlr.

Fruity Summer, Created with Pixlr.

The emphasis on the bright color palettes and graphics is meant to convey just how much of a fun-tastic time you’re having with your friends and loved ones. 

2. Modern Mood

Best Seller 70% Off, Created with Pixlr.

Embrace The Summer, Created with Pixlr.

True to its name, the following style of summer templates oozes minimalism. It plays a lot on design elements instead of graphics. Elements such as lines, grids, and typography are the essence of these templates. 

The good news for business owners and social media managers alike, this modern style of summer templates is the perfect choice for sophisticated content. If your brand persona is similar to the templates depicted above, give it a go!

3. Vibrant Vibe

Summer Weekend, Created with Pixlr.

As for the following summer-themed templates, we want to go bright and unnoticed. This design is not to be skipped using only lively shades combined with aesthetic pictures. 

Summer Trip, Created with Pixlr.

Hello Summer, Created with Pixlr.

These animated templates use minimal design elements similar to the previous style. It relies a lot on layerings and arrangements of the photos, which ultimately creates depth. 

4. Gradient Goodness

Summer Sale, Created with Pixlr.

Summer Lovin, Created with Pixlr.

In line with the gradient trend, why not explore this design element and see if it’s worth the hype? Whether pastel, holographic, or monochromatic gradients, give the movement a try.

Giveaway Alert, Created with Pixlr.

Celebrity Quote, Created with Pixlr.

It’s guaranteed that gradients can attract your target audience in flocks. This is due to the element’s surging popularity on social media, as almost every brand has used angles at least once in their social media posts. 

5. Artistic Aesthetics

Surf Season, Created with Pixlr.

Travel At Beach, Created with Pixlr.

For the last theme, earth colors were used for a calming yet stunning aesthetic. The shades used in these templates center around beige, brown, and blue. These tones are natural and pale, enhancing the templates’ artistic aspect.

Collect Moments, Created with Pixlr.

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Celebrate The Summer Fun with Pixlr’s Summer Templates today!