Designing Made Easy with Pixlr Elements

Lacking the creative resources needed to beautify your artworks?

Essentially, what makes any design great is its elements. Depending on how you select, arrange and modify your design elements, any artwork can certainly become eye-catching. 

With Pixlr’s endless choices of elements, you can now design and edit projects with ease. Be it for inspiration sources, final touches, or even just a rough draft, Pixlr’s elements are here to realize your wildest ideas.

Get to know Pixlr’s various design elements

1. Overlays

Explore elements in Pixlr

In photography, overlays are described as an added layer of image or texture that is edited into the original image. Overlays are a great way to improve an artwork as it can completely transform the way an image looks. 

With overlays, you can create not only depth, but also add whimsical elements into your edit such as fog effects, autumn leaves, or in this case above, a diamond refraction texture onto the sky. 

With Pixlr, your choices of overlays are infinite. All you need to do is click the ‘Overlay’ button under the ‘Add Element’ tool. 

Explore elements in Pixlr

2. Borders

Explore elements in Pixlr

Often overlooked, a simple border added into your design can also change the entire look of the artworkt. Borders can enhance your artwork by making it more modern, sleek, or even nostalgic. This is largely depending on the style of the border you have chosen. 

On Pixlr, the versatility of borders available is second to none. From vintage borders to minimalist, all types of borders can be found here. 

Explore elements in Pixlr

3. Stickers

Explore elements in Pixlr

Contrary to what most people think, stickers are actually a useful design tool that serves multifunctional purposes. Instead of simply making things “cute”, stickers can even be used for product advertising (see above), illustrations, and many more. 

With the right combinations, stickers can truly set the tone of an artwork. Different kinds of aesthetics can be achieved with the use of Pixlr’s stickers. This is as Pixlr offers various sticker styles to its users. From 3D vectors, to minimalist stickers, Pixlr has it all.  

Explore elements in Pixlr

4. Shape

Explore elements in Pixlr

You may notice a repetitive pattern of postings on your social media profile, which leads to your feed being stale. If you think things need spicing up, Pixlr’s shapes is the right answer for you!

With geometrical shapes and elements, you can further enhance the visuals you post. This is especially made easy with Pixlr, as the platform caters to all your designing and editing needs. All you need to do is choose from the many shapes available, and voila! You can add shapes into your design within a few seconds. 

Explore elements in Pixlr

Challenge your creative limits with Pixlr‘s elements

Clearly, there is not a moment to lose. Explore Pixlr’s elements and see whether it lives up to the expectations yourself. To get the full choices available, sign yourself up as a premium user and get the information you need in our pricing page

Elevate your artwork with Pixlr’s elements, today! 

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