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In The Spotlight | Maral Abedin

“There are endless opportunities.” Maral Abedin is a talent manager and an ex-influencer who now owns multiple businesses along with producing outstanding content. On YouTube, she has been able to share her experiences and work, with videos such as ‘Day in my life’. In this ‘In The Spotlight’ interview, Maral covers topics like her journey

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In The Spotlight | Jesse Clark

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others.” Looking for an experienced business owner to guide your small business? Jesse Clark is here to provide you the essential resources that you need! He is a dedicated entrepreneur and a passionate tech enthusiast with ready materials online for you to easily access, such as Free Video

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In The Spotlight | GeekOutdoors

“Be creative. Be you.” GeekOutdoors is a certified content creator and digital marketer who produces fun educational content. The purpose of his channel is to teach people how to be creative and how to use the right tools in branding. He also talks about the reality of being a YouTuber and shares his travel experiences

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In The Spotlight | Tyler Miller

“Be free to be yourself.” Tyler Miller is a professional video editor that teaches people how to start to share stories/messages without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment on YouTube. His channel is also a great way to learn about productivity and how to earn money on the side.  In this week’s Spotlight

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In The Spotlight | Jay Lippman

“I get a chance to be creative every single day.” Jay Lippman is a freelance video editor who shares many insightful tutorials on his Youtube channel, covering topics like ‘How to get started’ and ‘Editing techniques’. His noteworthy content has drawn the attention of those exploring the field of graphic design due to its role

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