Instagram Trends: Collage Expert Weijiang @orhganic

Instagramer @orhganic, will blow your mind. Not only is he a dedicated black-and-white photographer of architectural and structural engineering, he also infuses his feed with large-scale pieces, creating the most intriguing visuals! His structural, modern art approach is truly addictive — you may find yourself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to see what else he’s created. Everything from three- to nine-piece collages that focus on remarkable patterns in architecture.
If you’d like to delve in and create your own three- to nine-piece collage, you can make those with Pixlr’s collage feature and save it as an individual image. But if you want to do something even more interesting, check out the Giant Square App on both iTunes and Android (this is my “top pick”). It takes care of posting your collage as separate photos — one after the other so that they will line up in your Instagram timeline and look very neat, like this one:
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.44.04 AM
Of course, as you add more photos to your Instagram timeline this carefully curated view you’ve created will break down and become jumbled. But it’s very fun thing to make something like this from time to time. You also might want to save your image as a single image using Pixlr so you can always have a copy of the whole picture.
One thing I like about the Pixlr app on my iPhone 6s+ is that I can put together my collage and then edit each portion of that collage individually. In many of the collage apps, I must put the collage together and edit the entire thing as a whole or edit each one before inputting in to the collage itself. Neither option seem to work for me as I want to visually see how the images work before doing further edits. If you’re using the Giant Square App, you will need to edit your image and then upload it to be cut in to 3, 6, or 9 pieces. Then, it will upload to your Instagram account via Giant Square.
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