Nuke Your Photos with New Atomic Effects

Every once in a while we add a new pack of overlays, stickers, and borders, and our users love it. But there is one type of content we haven’t added in a long time: Effects.
It may not be apparent to users, but the Effects options are a bit different than, for example, overlays. The Effects don’t just add a border or a sticker or another layer on top of your photo; they actually change the pixels in your photo. They transform images with the use of algorithms — or at least a bit of math.
The genesis of this pack? User request. We’ve had a lot of people ask us to create effects that mimic color and black-and-white negatives. We’ve also had requests for a night-vision effect, so we added a bit of that to the mix. After we made the negative options, we went toward the ultraviolet spectrum and tackled heat-map style effects. And we decided to go extreme on a few of them.  These Atomic Effects aren’t subtle. You can turn them down by adjusting the opacity, but they are unabashedly extreme. They’re not designed to alter reality so much as they are to nuke reality.
Want to nuke it from orbit with with us this week? Make something with the Atomic Effects and tag it with both #pixlr #atomic. We’ll feature some of our favorites in the Made with Pixlr feed that appears in the app and on our website.