Make Beautiful Stories Faster with Stories by Pixlr 

Do you ever find yourself getting tired using the same premade templates for social media stories? Regardless of where you source your story templates from, avid content creators know how story template designs can be quite revolving.

If you are looking for an easy story-making to produce  stunning designs, why not utilize Stories by Pixlr to fulfill your creative needs?

Take story creations to the next level

1. One-Tap Stories

With this innovative app, you can have personalized  stories in simply one tap. The intuitive interface is capable of providing smart template suggestions based on the photos you upload onto the system.

From the smart suggestions, simply choose one template to customize it within minutes and voilà! Your story is now ready to be posted on social media.


2. Trendy Templates

An app suitable for both Android and IOS, Stories by Pixlr exists to solely provide you with a diverse gallery of trendy templates that is constantly growing.

Every month, new designs will be readily available for use, as Pixlr strives to give you endless options for beautifying your stories on just any social media platform.


3. Designer Fonts & Elements

Users can have an enhanced designing experience as Pixlr provides countless designer fonts and elements, which also will be newly added each month. Such features can surely expand your artistic creativity in customizing the most beautiful templates yet.


4. AI Color Matcher

It can be tricky for content creators to maintain color consistency in visuals, especially if it’s for stories. However, you can utilize AI Color Matcher, a special feature under Stories by Pixlr, to ensure all your stories creation is in line with your campaign’s theme and brand colors!

All you need to do is to upload a photo for Pixlr’s AI to automatically generate matching color palettes you can use in designing your stories. This way, your stories’ colors will never go astray.


5. One-Tap AI Crop

If you are looking for an innovative tool that can help you remove backgrounds from your pictures or even cut out objects instantly, you have come to the right place. 

With Pixlr’s One-Tap AI Crop, you can easily design stories that fit product advertising. This feature helps you edit images flawlessly and even ensures you can save a cut-out object for later use.


6. Animation

Of course, animated stories have better chances of drawing attention from your viewers. Movement is, after all, the current hot trend. Dynamic visuals will surely leave a longer impression on your audience. 

Using the Animation feature on Stories by Pixlr, you can add motion into your visual content. All within your control, from the way it enters the frame, its sequence of showing up, and how they will exit the story. Simply try it out now.

Fret not, Stories by Pixlr is available on both IOS Appstore and Android Playstore. Open your mind to the possibilities of higher story creation with Pixlr’s latest app now.

To discover easy story-making, try Stories by Pixlr for FREE, today!