New Effects in Pixlr Express: Fractured Patterns, Smashed Overlays, Totemic Animals

“More effects!” That’s a cry we hear from people who use Pixlr Express all the time. We know they love new things, and we add them from time to time. Today, we’re adding some of the effects from the brand-new Pixlr Desktop in Pixlr Express for a limited time.
The new downloadable Pixlr for Mac and PC has a lot of things you may be familiar with if you’re a Pixlr Express user, including packs like these that we’re showcasing. One of the great things about our desktop app is that it supports higher resolution effects (like these new HD packs). This installed app has more power behind it than our web-based apps, allowing you to save your image (and these effects) at your full original resolution.
This pack will stick around for awhile, so give them a shot and make something new with them. We’re including some very pretty isometric animals called Heroici, neat geometric overlays we called Smashed, and some nice fractured Patterns to give your backgrounds  cool textures. It even has a few neat word quotes included.
If you like these and want to try more, download the new app. It’s chock full of new effects, and we’ll be adding more as the app grows.