Photomash Studio by Pixlr

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For avid editors, marketers and content creators out there, you’d be delighted that Pixlr has launched its most innovative platform yet – Photomash Studio. Designed specifically to make visual creation easier for e-commerce purposes, Photomash Studio is the next best thing you never knew you needed.

What is Photomash Studio by Pixlr?

Simply put, Photomash Studio entails multifunctional features to help create high quality visual assets for entrepreneurs and social media planners alike. It is a one-click photo studio built right into your browser!

Photomash Studio – High quality visuals made accessible for all e-commerce sellers

With Photomash Studio, e-Commerce sellers can rest easy as their product images’ quality can be heightened. Now, the display of their products online would be more captivating than ever. This is as the studio lets users upload up to 50 images and edit it at once, while also allowing them to remove backgrounds off images in just one click.

Photomash Studio also features several functions that can make product image creation simpler and quicker such as:- product listing (to showcase products with plain backgrounds), promoting products on story (unique design templates to illustrate products on social media stories), and even blank templates for users to design from scratch.

Vamp up your social media presence

What’s great about Photomash Studio is just how inclusive it is. You can use it not only for product image creation, but even to show off your personal brand on social media too!

Photomash Studio lets users design amazing profile pictures and YouTube thumbnails with just one click. This ultimately establishes your presence on several social media platforms, as it allows creators and influencers alike to really convey their unique personalities while at the same ensuring each profile picture ends up looking professional.

Photomash Studio – design made simpler for e-commerce sellers and social media enthusiasts

You don’t have a moment to lose! Quickly try Photomash Studio to experience the seamless editing process yourself.

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