Pixlr 101: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Pixlr?

Pixlr, a multi-functional platform made to simplify design, editing and visual content creation, is equipped with a wide range of intuitive editing tools suitable for anyone of any creative background.

Its simple yet advanced interface allows users to create the perfect visual content that is engaging as well as professional looking. What’s more, Pixlr is free to use and can be easily accessed on any web browser. Interested to know more about Pixlr’s tools?

Read below to learn how to get started with Pixlr! Be sure to visit our Pixlr 101 Playlist on YouTube too for simple tutorials.

1. Opening Images and Easy Editing

In taking the first steps to create captivating visuals on Pixlr, you will need to learn the many ways one can open images on Pixlr. Once you get the hang of it, there are also a few basic editing tools that you can get acquainted with in order to be able to alter the chosen image as you please. 

To get a full step-by-step tutorial, be sure to watch this comprehensive tutorial video below, also available on Pixlr’s official YouTube channel.

2. Simple Retouching

Once you are familiar with the basic editing tools, it’s time to level up! Get to know Pixlr’s ‘Retouch’ tool, in which you can heal or erase blemishes, clone certain parts of the picture onto another area, or even sharpen and blur the elements in your image.  

There is also the ‘Dodge and Burn’ function to make the image pops. For a thorough guide on how you can utilize each retouching tool, give this video on Pixlr’s YouTube page a watch. 

3. Adding Text

Another crucial task that you may need to do for your design project, beside editing, is to add text. After all, texts are important in making sure you get your messages across. Not to worry! Pixlr’s tutorial videos have got you covered. 

In this video below, you’ll understand how to use the ‘Text’ tool and customize it according to your taste in no time. Be sure to try out the many selections of style, fonts, and sizes that Pixlr offers for your texts. 

4. Removing Background

Among the innovative features that Pixlr provides to its users, is of course, the background remover. With this tool, you can erase backgrounds off images and isolate objects in a matter of seconds. 

As this is a popular image manipulation technique, rest assured that our background remover works effectively, as it comes with up to four different subtools. To know more about each method of removing backgrounds off images on Pixlr, watch this video below. 

Get started with Pixlr 

Interested to learn more about our four basic features? Challenge your creative capacity to its maximum level and go wild with Pixlr’s editing tools. 

Head to our YouTube Channel for more tutorials, today!