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Social Media Templates For an Aesthetic Feed

Convey your brand’s persona with the right aesthetic

Deemed one of the most crucial tools for brand positioning, social media should not be taken lightly by marketers and business owners alike. 

With over 3 billion users worldwide, social media clearly has the power to not only establish and boost a business’ presence but also help them establish a strong rapport with their customers. Now the million-dollar question is, how can social media be leveraged to achieve the goals set by business owners? 

The answer is quite simple – you just need to use the right visuals! Arrange your feed aesthetically, and use consistent visuals that truly convey your brand’s personality. How can you create such visuals? Simply use Pixlr’s social media templates.

Bring out the influencer in you with Pixlr’s latest social media templates

1. Doodle-y Wonder

White Memories Doodle Heart
White Memories Doodle Home
White Memories Doodle Loves
White Memories Doodle Moodboard

2. Tan Aesthetic 

Brown Elegant Fashion Item Sale
Beige Elegant Giveaway Fashion Sale
White Elegant Fashion Collection Sale
Green Online Exclusive Fashion Sale


3. Monochrome Magic

Simple 40% Fashion Sale
Simple Hot Item Fashion Sale
Simple Giveaway Fashion Sale
Black 40% Special Fashion Sale


4. Retro Zone

Casual 60% Fashion Sale
Green Retro Customers Picked Fashion Sale
Casual Back To Stock Fashion Sale
Casual New Collection Fashion Sale


5. Neon Vibes

Yellow Retro Back In Stock Fashion Sale
Orange Retro Fashion Collection Sale
Green New Arrival Fashion Sale
Blue 15k Giveaway Fashion Sale

Glam up your social media feed with Pixlr now

In today’s age where social media presence often matters most, captivate your target audience with the right pictures and feed layout! Find the aesthetic that truly matches your brand’s personality, and customize Pixlr’s templates in just a few clicks. 

Head to Pixlr for more aesthetic templates, today!


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