Pixlr Express 2.0 for Android: Collage and Add-a-Picture Features Now Available on Your Android Phone

Today we’re releasing a huge update to Pixlr Express for Android. It’s a fully redesigned look with a new interface and icons — and a few big new features.
First up: new interface
You’ll notice right away that this app looks different than the previous version. Nice and clean with a friendly welcome screen that lets you dive right in with something new or just pick the most recent photo you’ve taken — the “fresh” option. The last image you saved sits behind this welcome screen with a stylish blurred-out look and gives this splash screen some atmosphere.
Second big thing: collage
This is something our customers have asked for, and we’re happy to bring it to you. You’ve long been able to make collages on the web version of Pixlr Express, but starting today you can create the same rich collages directly on your Android device. You can pull in a ton of photos to make a giant collage, or just a few key ones to make a collage with a bunch of configuration options to control details like spacing between photos, roundness of borders, proportion controls for the entire collage — even some options for changing the color of your background.
Third big thing: Add image
Maybe you don’t want to create a collage but want to combine more than one image together or add a watermark. The new Pixlr Express lets you add a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) image and control its location and opacity. This is a great way to upload your own custom stickers if you’ve ever wished we had a special sticker for just what you need. Just upload it and start sticking.
One little thing
Doodle! We’ve added the Doodle option to the Android version. It’s just a way to draw freehand on your photos using your finger. A nice way to quickly mark up photos, you’ll find this new addition in the Adjustments area.
Speaking of stickers
We’re also happy to announce that the old “Antiquarian” sticker pack from an older version of Pixlr Express is back in action, revived by the undying love of its fans. We’ve added it to Pixlr Express for the web, iPhone, and Android, so if you’ve missed those stickers, jump in and start plastering your old favorites onto your photos. And if you never even glanced at that sticker pack before, now is a great time to take a first look at something Pixlr users love.
We can’t promise things will always stay the same — we wouldn’t want them to. But we can promise that we make every change with our users in mind, and we’ll always be here to listen. Thanks to everyone who offered their pleas for the return of Antiquarian Victoriana stickers! Now get out there and old it up.
What are you going to make first? Share all your old-school creations or collages with us on Twitter or our Pixlr on Flickr group. We’ll shoot back a message (and maybe even our own Pixlr-made photo in response).